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Choosing The Right Olive Oil

Olive oil is a health source that contains enormous components. Its main components are phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. In our opinion, the best olive oil, which contains all these in an effective amount, with its own intense aromas and bitterish olive oil.
We prefer balanced oils by means of fruitness, bitterness and aroma.

The olive oil, in order to have a rich combination of beneficial ingredients should be early harvest, cold and anhydrous squeeze. As the process changes, the number of components also changes, which may in turn vary with the taste of the oil. Of course, getting the right olive oil does not mean having the right olive oil. Conservation of the oil is as important as choosing the right oil. Olive oil should be kept in a cool place away from heat and light, and sealed container. Otherwise, you will end up with oil, lost its polyphenols and has started to oxidize, so an oil with an acid value is increased. The same applies when buying. Each olive is born nice and healthy; but taking good care of the olive tree, to reap with the highest precision and in the most fertile time, to process the right techniques and to store in the right conditions, are the keys to have a healthier olive oil. The olive oil taken may have been exposed to heat for some time or it may have been processed by a faulty squeeze technique. In this case, olive oil turn into an ineffective and tasteless olive oil. When selecting olive oil, first look at the certificate of analysis of the product, then examine the production forms and getting information about the aromas will give you an idea about the olive oil.

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