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What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the most suitable oil type for direct consumption interms of the lowest acidity rate and the best quality.
In order to obtain the best natural extra virgin olive oil, it is necessary to collect olives manually or by jerking method from the branch without damaging and sent them very quickly to the squeezing process.

In order to have the polyphenol content of this olive oil, it should be produced by the dehydrated process in the 2-phase system with early harvesting products.

In order for an oil to be considered as Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, its free fatty acidity (FFA) must be below 0.8 grams in terms of oleic acid per 100 grams.

This kind of olive oils which has acidity rate close to zero are named as Extra Virgin in English.
If the extra virgin olive is collected from full maturation, these superior mere oils are bitter and fruity and their colors are golden to green. These delicious oils are suitable for consumption as raw.
Extra virgin olive oil is suitable for use in any type of food, but is ideal for salads and drink. It is used to enhance the taste either directly or in the sauce in meals such as salads and pre-boiled pasta, vegetables, fish.

As these high polyphenol-containing oils require special monitoring and special care, the price may be higher than other oils, but due to the positive effects on our health and our life, the demand is increasing day by day.

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